D. D. Gajski, S. Abdi, A. Gerstlauer, and G. Schirner, Embedded System Design: Modeling, Synthesis, Verification

Embedded System Design:  Modeling, Synthesis, Verification

Embedded System Design: Modeling, Synthesis, Verification presents information on how to design a future multiprocessor system consisting of several processors and other components. Design methodology, modeling techniques, software and hardware synthesis methods and techniques for verification of such multi-processor systems are also discussed. The authors provide model based system synthesis techniques, including algorithms for platform design and application to platform design and application to platform mapping in addition to introducing methodology, design and tool concepts and delving into modeling practice and requirements all the way from application specification to system prototyping. Embedded System Design, authored by Daniel Gajski, Samar Abdi, Andreas Gerstlauer, and Gunar Schirner, is written for embedded system designers, instructors, and graduate students.

Embedded System Design

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 Chapter 1: Introduction (pdf)

View video – Processor Level Design 
View video – System Level Design 
View video – System Level Status 
View video – System Level Future

Chapter 2: System Design Methodologies (pdf)

View video – System Design Methodologies

Chapter 3: Modeling (pdf)

View video – Models of Computation 
View video – System Design 
View video – Processor Modeling 
View video – Communication Modeling

Chapter 4: System Synthesis (pdf) (errata)

View video – System Design Trends and Model Based Synthesis 
View video – Transaction Level Model Generation 
View video – Application to Platform Mapping 
View video – Platform and Cycle-Accurate Model Generation

Chapter 5: Software Synthesis (pdf)

View video – Software Synthesis Introduction 
View video – Code Generation 
View video – Hardware-dependent Software (Part 1) 
View video – Hardware-dependent Software (Part 2) 
View video – Hardware-dependent Software (Part 3)

Chapter 6: Hardware Synthesis (pdf)

View video – Specification and Architecture
View video – High-level Synthesis
View video – Chaining and Pipelining
View video – Scheduling and Interfacing

Chapter 7: Verification (pdf)

View video – Simulation and Debugging Methods 
View video – Formal Verification Methods 
View video – Comparative Analysis of Verification Techniques 
View video – Model Formalization for SoC Verification

Chapter 8: Embedded Design Practice (pdf)

View video – Embedded System Environment (ESE) Case Study