Our History

History of the Center for Embedded and Cyber-physical Systems

The Center for Embedded and Cyber-physical Systems (CECS – formerly Center for Embedded Computer Systems) at UC Irvine has its roots in the early 90’s and developed out of several research efforts in the areas of computer-aided design, computer architecture, system software and optimizing compilers. In the mid-90’s, a group of senior faculty had a vision of creating a preeminent research center in the then-emerging area of embedded computer systems. What follows is a brief history of how CECS has evolved:

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Our Beginning

1990:   Established Irvine Research Unit in Computer Design (IRUCSD). Initially faculty members were from ICS and ECE with several large collaborative research efforts with major companies.

1995:   Emphasis shifted to embedded systems. Research focus and emphasis shifted to the emerging theory and technology of embedded systems. CECS now had about 40 graduate students and research funding continued to grow to over $3 million.

1998:   CECS proposed. By now, CECS had grown to about 55 graduate students and the total research funding had grown to over $5 million. The faculty members created a Master of Science in Embedded Systems degree and faculty members had expanded to Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and the College of Medicine, plus UCSD and UCR faculty.

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CECS Officially Established

2001:   CECS officially established. The UCI Academic Senate approved the establishment of the Center for Embedded Computer Systems (CECS) as an official UCI Organized Research Unit (ORU) effective January 1, 2001. Professor Daniel D. Gajski was appointed as the Founding Director of the Center for Embedded Computer Systems (CECS). As an ORU at UCI, CECS operates as an independent research entity within the university and is responsible for its own administration, accounting, graduate student recruitment, research development, and technology and knowledge transfer.

2005:   CECS concluded its fifth year of operations and was renewed by the Office of Research for another five year. UCI Chancellor Michael Drake appointed Professor Daniel D. Gajski as Director of CECS for a second 5 year term, reporting to Vice Chancellor for Susan Bryant. Professor Gajski has appointed Grace Wu as Assistant Director in charge of Operations.

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Cutting Edge of Embedded Cyber-physical Systems

CECS is a premier research organization focusing on research and educational aspects related to embedded systems under the new directorship of Prof. Fadi Kurdahi. With applications ranging from green technology to information appliances, network and wireless communication, robotics, medical devices, smart homes for the elderly and disabled, automotive, rail and aviation technology sectors –they are changing the way we live. The Center is composed of more than 27 faculty members and 65 graduate students representing five Schools and eleven Departments across campus.