Pramod Khargonekar

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Systems theory, Cyber-physical systems, Biomedical engineering

Prof. Pramod Khargonekar has more than four decades of experience as a scholar, educator and leader in academic institutions and government organizations. He is an expert in control and systems theory, cyber-physical systems, and applications to manufacturing, renewable energy and smart grids, biomedical engineering. Most recently, he has been working on the confluence of machine learning for control and estimation.

Beyond these, he is deeply interested in understanding and improving processes that connect research to innovation. Driven by a deep belief in the inherent value of inclusion and diversity, he has pushed creative new approaches to solving this long-term problem and co-led the creation of NSF INCLUDES which is the flagship program for inclusion and diversity and has engaged more than 35,000 people. He has pushed forward the convergence research paradigm, one of NSF’s 10 Big Ideas, a creative new framing for multidisciplinary research that depends on collaborative teamwork. He has contributed to key emerging topics such as Future of WorkEnergy System TransformationFood-Energy-Water Nexus, and Resilient Infrastructure Systems and ProcessesMost recently, he co-led the chapter on climate change mitigation and adaptation for Control for Societal-scale Challenges: Road Map 2030 created by a large group in IEEE Control Systems Society. With a lifetime of experience in research universities, he is interested in new approaches and ideas that will shape their future in the 21st century.