Kwei-Jay Lin

Contact Information

Office: 4205 Engineering Hall
Lab: 4203 Engineering Hall
Email: klin@uci.edu
Phone: (949) 824-7943 Lab, (949) 824-7839 Office

Professor Lin’s Research

Research Interests

Lin is interested in Service-Oriented Computing and Applications, and specifically, the development of efficient, flexible and accountable services on the web.

He is involved in two major research efforts at UCI: LLAMA and QCWS. The LLAMA (inteLLigent Accountability Middleware Architecture) project is a powerful, effective, and efficient SOA middleware framework to support service process composition, run-time monitoring, problem analysis, and continual process reconfiguration and optimization. It includes the infrastructure to continuously monitor services within an active service workflow, and dynamically adapt by reconfiguring those problematic or underperforming services.

In the QCWS (QoS Capable Web Services) project, he studies a broker-based framework to facilitate dynamic integration and adaptation of QoS-aware Web services with end-to-end QoS constraints. He has also designed many service selection and adaptation algorithms used by QoS brokers under different system requirements.

He is an Editor-in-Chief of the journal on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications, and Editor-in-Chief of the Software Publication Track, Journal of Information Science and Engineering.


WuKong: A Self-Configurable M2M Management Project

LLAMAThe inteLLigent Accountability Middleware Architecture Project

QCWSThe QoS Web Service Composition Project

DIRECTThe DIstributed REputation and Cooperative Trust Broker Project

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