SpecC Reference Compiler

Release Date: September 28, 2006 (version 2.1)Web Site: https://www.cecs.uci.edu/~specc/ The SpecC Reference Compiler (SCRC) is an Open Source implementation of a compiler and simulator for the SpecC language. The goal of the SpecC Reference Compiler is to: promote SpecC standardization provide a reference implementation, that is compliant with the SpecC Language Reference Manual (LRM V2.0) freely available […]

Farewell to IERF Building

Professor Givargis hosted the lunch to say farwell to the IERF building.

CECS Faculty-Students Gathering 2007

Faculty and students mingle at the 2007 CECS Student-Faculty Gathering, held in our new office at 2010 Anteater Instruction Research Building (AIRB).

ESE: Embedded System Environment

Release Date: March 28, 2008Web Site: https://www.cecs.uci.edu/~ese/ ESE is a toolset for modeling, synthesis and validation of multi-processor embedded system designs. It builds on over 15 years of research in system level […]

NISC: No-Instruction-Set-Computer

Release Date: May 2008 (NISC Toolset 2008.05)NISC Demo: https://www.cecs.uci.edu/~nisc/  No-Instruction-Set-Computer (NISC) Technology is the next generation of tools for Design Synthesis. With NISC Technology, you can simultaneously gain higher productivity and better […]

CECS DAC Open House

The 45th Design Automation Conference (DAC) is being held in Anaheim, CA on June 8-13, 2008. CECS cordially invites DAC attendees to an Open House on Friday afternoon, June 13, […]

Why Circuits Fail

Dr. Sani R. NassifIBM Research Labs, Austin, TX Donald Bren Hall 3011 November 10, 2009 Abstract