Technical Reports

Santanu Sarma and Nikil Dutt, “Cross-Layer Design Space Exploration of Heterogeneous Multicore Processors With Predictive Models,”  CECS TR 14-02.  Posted on June 19, 2014


Kyoungwon Kim and Daniel Gajski, Cycle-Approximate Estimation-Based Mapping,”  CECS TR 14-10.  Posted on June 17, 2014


Kyoungwon Kim and Daniel Gajski, Automatic Partitioning and Process Mapping for Model-Based Design,”  CECS TR 14-09. Posted on June 17, 2014


Santanu Sarma, Nikil Dutt, Puneet  Gupta, Strength of Diversity: Exploiting Cheap Heterogeneous Noisy Sensors for Accurate Full-Chip Thermal Estimation and Prediction,” CECS TR 14-01.  Posted on May 9, 2014


Abbas BanaiyanMofrad, Gustavo Girao, Nikil Dutt, Analyzing and Exploring Fault-tolerant Distributed memories for NoCs,”  CECS TR 12-15. Posted on January 3, 2014.


Nicolas Oros, Jeffrey L. Krichmar, “Smartphone Based Robotics: Powerful, Flexible and Inexpensive Robots for Hobbyists, Educators, Students and Researchers,”  TR 13-16. Posted December 3, 2013. download pdf


Patricia S. Lee and Ian G. Harris, “Message Sequence Charts for Assertion-based Verification,” TR 13-13. Posted October 31, 2013.  download pdf.


Il-Joon Kim, Amin Khajeh, Fadi J. Kurdahi and Ahmed M. Eltawil, “Varibility-Aware Static Latch Modeling,” TR 13-14. Posted on October 31, 2013. download pdf


Patricia Lee,  Shireesh Verma and Ian G. Harris, “A Comparison of Error Detection Between Simulation-based Validation and Model Checking,” TR 13-12.  Posted October 9, 2013.  download pdf


Guantao Liu and Rainer Dömer, “A Hybrid Thread Library for Efficient Electronic System Level Simulation,” TR 13-11. Posted October 8, 2013.  download pdf


Fereidoun Ahourai, Mohammad Abdullah Al Faruque, “Grid Impact Analysis of a Residential Microgrid under Various EV Penetration Rates in GridLab-D,” TR 13-08. July 30, 2013. Posted July 31, 2013.  download pdf



Guantao Liu and Rainer Dömer, “A User-level Thread Library Built on Linux Context Functions for Efficient ESL Simulation,” TR 13-07.  Posted June 7, 2013. download pdf


Santanu Sarma, N. Dutt, N. Venkatasubramanian, A. Nicolau, P. Gupta, “Cyber Physical-System-On-Chip (CPSoC):  Sensor-Actuator Rich Self-Aware Computational Platform”  CECS TR 13-06. Revised June 26, 2014.  Download pdf



Han Xu, Rainer Dömer, “An Extended Eclipse Platform for Recoding System-Level Models,”  TR 13-04.  April 30, 2013. Posted May 1, 2013. download pdf



Rainer Dömer, “RIDE: Recoding Integrated Development Environment,” TR 13-02.  Posted April 29, 2013. download pdf