TR 24-02

Yanda Li, Yutong Wang, Rainer Doemer, “Generating Synthetic Data Flow Models in SystemC TLM based on TGFF”, CECS TR 24-02, posted on May 14, 2024

TR 24-01

Xiangdong Che, Rainer Doemer, “Improved Canny Edge Detector for Parallel Color Video Processing”, CECS TR 24-01, posted on April 30, 2024

TR 23-03

Yasamin Moghaddas, Mohamad Fakih, Tyler Zhang, Mohanad Odema, Mohammad Abdullah Al Faruque, “An Integrated Corridor Management for Connected Vehicles and Park and Ride Structures using Deep Reinforcement Learning”, CECS TR 23-03, posted on August 23,...

TR 23-02

Zhuoqi Li, Rainer Dömer, “A Linux-based YUV Video Player”, CECS TR 23-02, posted on May 23, 2023

TR 23-01

Claudio Raccomandato, Rainer Dömer, “Modeling and Mapping of a GoogLeNet CNN on a Grid of Processing Cells”, CECS TR 23-01, posted on May 4, 2023