Technical Reports

Samy Zoynoun, “Development of a Fast Error Aware Model for Arithmetic and Logic Circuits,” TR 12-08. August 3, 2012. Posted August August 6, 2012. download pdf



Pyung Soo Kim, “An Architecture for Home-oriented IPTV Service Platform on Residential Gateway,” TR 12-07. Augst 1, 2012. Posted August 10, 2012. download pdf



Luis Angel D. Bathen and Nikil Dutt, “An Embedded Hybrid-Memory-Aware Virtualization Layer for Chip-Multiprocessor,”  TR 12-03. March 27, 2012. Posted August 10, 2012. download pdf



Davit Hovhannisyan, Arno Abramyan, Derek Nham and Barry Tach, “Iris – A Home Control System with an Implemented Home Improvement Application,” TR 12-06. July 27, 2012. Posted July 31, 2012. download



Apik Zorian, “Study of Android-Based Multi-Projector Mobile System,” TR 12-05.  July 17, 2012. Posted July 30, 2012. download pdf



Vahid Salmani and Pai Chou, “Bin-MAC: A Hybrid MAC for Ultra-Compact Wireless Sensor Nodes,” TR 12-04. Posted July 16, 2012. download pdf




Kyoungwon Kim, “TLM Generation in ESE,”  TR 12-02. February 20, 2012.  Posted February 27, 2012.  download pdf





Kazuyuki Tanimura and Nikil Dutt, “A Standard Cell-Based DPA Attack Countermeasure using Homogeneous Dual-Rail Logic (HDRL),”  TR 12-01.  January 25, 2012.  Posted January 27, 2012.  download pdf


Matthew Badin, Paolo D’Alberto, Lubomir Bic, Michael Dillencourt, Alexandru Nicolau, "Improving the Accuracy of High Performance BLAS Implementations using Adaptive Blocked Algorithms," TR 11-05. April 15, 2011. Posted July 19, 2011. download pdf


Che-Wei Chang and Rainer Doemer, "System Level Modeling of a H.264 Video Encoder," TR 11-04. June 2, 2011. Posted June 3, 2011. download pdf


Xu Han, Weiwei Chen and Rainer Doemer, "A Parallel Transaction-Level Model of H.264 Video Decoder," TR 11-03, June 2, 2011. Posted June 3, 2011. download pdf


Weiwei Chen and Rainer Doemer, "A Distributed Parallel Simulator for Transaction Level Models with Relaxed Timing," TR 11-02, May 31, 2011. Posted June 3, 2011. download pdf


Amir Hossein Gholamipour, Michael Dillencourt, Fadi Kurdahi and Ahmed Eltawil, "Heterogeneous Mapping to Minimize Resource Usage under Maximal Spatial Reuse Constraints for FIR-like Structures," TR 11-01. August 2, 2011. Posted December 13, 2011 download pdf


Kyoungwon Kim, "Embedded System Environment: Overview," TR 11-11. December 29, 2011. Posted February 15, 2012. download pdf


Tony Mathew and Rainer Doemer, "A Custom Thread Library Built on Native Linux Threads for Faster Embedded System Simulation," TR 11-10. December 14, 2011. Posted December 20, 2011. download pdf