Conference Proceedings

The 10th International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN)

Date: April 12-14, 2011
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Website: http://ipsn.acm.org/2011/

Y-H Tu, Y-Chiu Lee,Y-W Tsai, P. Chou, T-C. Chien,” EcoCast: Interactive, Object-oriented Macroprogramming for Networks for Ultra-compact Wireless Sensor Nodes,” IPSN 2011:113-114

Y-L Tsai, T-T Tu, P. Chou,” EcoIMU: A Compact, Wireless, Gyro-free Inertial Measurement Unit Based on Two Triaxial Accelerometers,” IPSN 2011:133-134

Y. Agarwal, B. Balaji, S. Dutta, R. Gupta, T. Wang, “Duty-cycling Buildings Aggressively: The Next Frontier in HVAC Control,” IPSN 2011:246-257

Y-H Tu, Y-C Li, T-C Chien, P. Chou, “EcoCast: Interactive, Object-oriented Macroprogramming for Networks of Ultra-Compact Wireless Sensor Nodes,” IPSN 2011:366-377

International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis (CODES+ISSS)

Date:  October 9-14, 2011
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Website: http://esweek.acm.org/esweek2011/codesisss/

L. Bathen, D. Shin, S-S. Lim, N. Dutt, “SPMVisor: Dynamic ScratchPad Memory Virtualization for Secure, Low Power and High Performance, Distributed On-Chip Memories” CODES+ISSS 2011:79-88 (Best Paper Candidate)

Shahin Golshan, Amin Khajeh, Houman Homayoun, Eli Bozorgzadeh, Ahmed Eltaweel and Fadi Kurdahi, “Reliability-Aware Placement in SRAM-Based FPGA for Voltage Scaling Realization in the Presence of Process Variations,” CODES+ISSS 2011:257-266

Garo Bournoutian and Alex Orailoglu, “Dynamic, Multi-Core Cache Coherence Architecture for Power-Sensitive Mobile Processors,” CODES+ISSS 2011:89-98

A. BanaiyanMofrad, H. Homayoun, and N. Dutt, “FFT-Cache: A Flexible Fault-Tolerant Cache Architecture for Ultra Low Power Voltage Operation,” CODE+ISSS 2011:95-104

International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED)

Date: August 1-3, 2011
Location: Fukuoka, Japan
Website: http://www.islped.org/2011/

Sehwan Kim and Pai H. Chou,”Energy Harvesting by Sweeping Voltage-Escaladed Charging of a Reconfigurable Supercapacitor Array,” ISLPED 2011:235-240

D. Dondi, P. Zappi, T. Rosing,”A Scheduling Algorithm for Consistent Monitoring Results with Solar Powered High-performance Wireless Embedded Systems,” ISLPED 2011:259-264

R. Ayoub, U. Ogras, E. Gorbatov, Y. Jin, T. Kam, P. Diefenbaugh, T. Rosing, “OS-level Power Minimization Under Tight Performance Constraints in General Purpose Systems,” ISLPED 2011:321-326