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Memristive Devices for Brain-Inspired Computing

Fouda, Mohammed E., Fadi Kurdahi, Ahmed Eltawil, and Emre Neftci. (2020). Spiking neural networks for inference and learning: A memristor-based design perspective. Memristive Devices for Brain-Inspired Computing (2020): pp. 499-530.

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Design Automation of Cyber-Physical Systems

Wan, J., Rashid, N., Canedo, A., & Faruque, M. A. A. (2019). Concept design: modeling and synthesis from requirements to functional models and simulation. Design Automation of Cyber-Physical Systems, 3-20.

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Iscience 5

Neftci, Emre O. (2018). Data and power efficient intelligence with neuromorphic learning machines. Iscience 5: pp. 52-68.

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