Conference Proceedings

The Design Automation Conference (DAC)

Date: June 13-18, 2010
Location: Anaheim, CA, USA
Website: http://www.dac.com/47th+dac+_2010_.aspx

W. Chen, X. Han, R. Dömer, “ESL Design and Multi-Core Validation using the System-on-Chip Environment,”   Proceedings of the International High Level Design Validation and Test Workshop 2010, Anaheim, California, June 2010.

S. Sirowy, C. Huang and F. Vahid, “Online SystemC Emulation Acceleration,” DAC 2010:30-35

Gaurav Dhiman, Kresimir Mihic, Tajana Rosing: A system for online power prediction in virtualized environments using Gaussian mixture models. DAC 2010: 807-812

Y. Agarwal, T. Weng, R. Gupta, “Micro-Systems Driving Smart Energy Metering in Smart Grids,” Proceedings of the Design Automation Conference, Anaheim, California, June 2010

The 7th Conference on Computing Frontiers

Date: May 17-19, 2010
Location: Bertinoro, Italy
Website: http://www.computingfrontiers.org

A. Kejariwal, M. Girkar, X. Tian, H. Saito, A. Nicolau, A. Veidenbaum, U. Banerjee, C. Polychronopoulos, “Exploitation of Nested Thread-level Speculative Parallelism on Multi-core Systems,” Conference on Computing Frontiers 2010:99-100

H. Homayoun, A. Sasan, A. Gupta, A. Veidenbaum, F. Kurdahi, N. Dutt, “Multiple Sleep Modes Leakage Control in Peripheral Circuits of a All Major SRAM-based Processor Units,” Conference on Computing Frontiers 2010:297-308