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Design, Automation, and Test in Europe (DATE 2006)

Location: Munich, Germany

P. Biswas and N. Dutt, “Automatic Identification of Application-Specific Funtional Units with Architecturally Visible Storage,” DATE ’06, March pdf

R. Cornea, A. Nicolau, N. Dutt, ” Software Annotations for Power Optimization on Mobile Devices,” DATE ’06, March pdf

S. Pasricha and N. Dutt, “COSMECA: Application Specific Co-Syntesis of Memory and Communication Architectures fo MPSoC,” DATE ’06, March pdf

G. Schirner and R. Doemer, “Quantitative Analysis of Transaction Level Models for the AMBA Bus,” DATE ’06, March pdf

S. Park, A. Shrivastava, N. Dutt, E. Earlie, A. Nicolau, Y. Paek, ” Automatic Generation of Operation Tables for Fast Exploration of Bypasses in Embedded Processesors,” DATE ’06, March pdf