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Asia South Pacific Design Automation Conference 2006 (ASP-DAC 2006)

Location: Yokohama, Japan
Web Site:

B. Gorjiara, M. Reshadi, D. Gajski, “Designing a Custom Architecture for DCT Using NISC Design Flow,” ASP-DAC’06 Design Contest, January pdf

S. Pasricha, N. Dutt, M. Ben-Romdhane, “Constraint-Driven Bus Matrix Synthesis for MPSoC,” ASP-DAC’06, January pdf

S. Banerjee, E Bozorgzadeh, N. Dutt, ” PARLGRAN: Parallelism Granularity Selection for Scheduling task chains on dynamically reconfigurable architectures,” ASP-DAC’06, January pdf

H. Oh, N. Dutt, S. Ha, ” Memory Optimal Single Appearance Schedule wiht Dynamic Loop Count for Synchronous Dataflow Graphs,” ASP-DAC’06, January pdf

H. Cho, S. Abdi, D. Gajski, “1D-19: Design and Implementation of a Duplex AMBA-TMS Transducer,” ASP-DAC’06, January pdf