Yasser Shoukry Won IEEE Early Career Award

Assistant Professor Yasser Shoukry won IEEE Early Career Award for demonstrated outstanding contributions to the field of cyber-physical systems in the early stage of his career. Congrats Prof. Shoukry!

Payam Heydari Named UCI Chancellor’s Professor

Professor Payam Heydari named UCI Chancellor’s Professor to recognize his research contribution in microelectronics, specifically in the design and analysis of radio frequency, millimeter-wave and terahertz integrated circuits. Congrats Prof. […]

Yasser Shoukry Awarded Early-Career Award

Assistant Professor Yasser Shoukry was awarded the Early-Career Award by the IEEE Technical Committee on Cyber-Physical Systems for the contributions to the theory and design of safe learning-enabled cyber-physical systems. […]

Rozhin Yasaei Received iREDEFINE Fellowship 2022

Assistant Professor Rozhin Yasaei received iREDEFINE Fellowship 2022 at the iREDEFINE ECE Workshop for her academic achievement as a woman and underrepresented minorities. Congrats Yasaei!

Yasser Shoukry Won Category Winner Award

Assistant Professor Yasser Shoukry won Category Winner Award at the International Verification of Neural Networks Competition 2022 for the top performing tool in the tllverifybench Benchmark of the VNN competition. […]

Ping-Xiang Chen Received J. Yang & Family Foundation Fellowship

Ping-Xiang Chen received J. Yang & Family Foundation Fellowship for Chen’s work on building novel self-award and adaptive computing frameworks that support the efficiency, reliability and scalability of autonomous systems. […]

Mohammad Al Faruque Named IEEE Distinguished Lecturer

Professor Mohammad Al Faruque was named IEEE Distinguished Lecturer for promoting the field of electronic design automation to the scientific community and the public at large. Congrats Prof. Al Faruque!

Daniel Gajski Named Croatian Extraordinary Scientist

Professor Daniel Gajski was named Croatian Extraordinary Scientist. Book titled “Croatian Extraordinary Scientists” features a chapter dedicated to Emeritus Prof. Gajski for his contributions to the embedded systems and computer […]

Rozhin Yasaei Named 2022 Rising Star in EECS

Assistant Professor Rozhin Yasaei was named 2022 Rising Star in EECS. Launched in 2012 by MIT, Rising Stars in EECS is an intensive workshop for graduate students and postdocs with […]

Payam Heydari Won Distinguished Educator Award

Professor Payam Heydari received the Distinguished Educator Award by the IEEE Society for his outstanding achievements as an educator, mentor and role model for microwave engineers and engineering students. Congrats […]

Qi Alfred Chen Received CAREER Award

Assistant Professor Qi Alfred Chen received CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation for his research on securing the AI stack in autonomous CPS under physical layer attacks. Congrats Prof. […]