TUM Research Opportunities

Since 2012, Technical University of Munich (TUM) is offering an interesting option for Postdocs: the TUM Research Opportunities Week.

It is a one-week tour of TUM in Munich, Germany – funded by TUM. Participants get to know TUM in general, and also specifically Postdoc opportunities in their fields.

The next event is scheduled for April 16-20, 2018Application deadline is October 31, 2017.

Eligible are both candidates which have received their PhD within the last three years, but also candidates that don’t have a PhD yet – in this case they will either need to have submitted their thesis already, or get a statement from their supervisor that they will submit their thesis within one year.

More info is available here: http://www.tum.de/en/research/postdocs/research-opportunities-week/

For the selected candidates, this is a great opportunity to get to know TUM, Munich, Bavaria, and Germany in general. Also, this week-long visit might result in an offer from TUM for a fully funded Postdoc stay at TUM of one year or longer.