Andreas Gerstlauer, Rainer Doemer, Junyu Peng, and Daniel Gajski. System Design: A Practical Guide with SpecC

System Design: A Practical Guide with SpecC

Kluwer Academic Publishers has recently published a new book titled “System Design: A Practical Guide with SpecC”, authored by Gerstlauer, Dömer, Peng, and Gajski. This book will benefit designers and d
esign managers of complex SoCs, or embedded systems in general, by allowing them to develop new methodologies from these results, in order to increase design productivity by orders of magnitude. The design models in the book define IP models and functions for IP exchange between IP providers and their users. A well-defined design methodology, like the one presented in the book, will help product planning divisions to quickly develop new products or derive completely new business models, like e-design or product-on-demand.

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