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ESE Front-end Features
  • Graphical entry of platform as a netlist of processors, memories, busses and bridges.
  • Graphical entry of application as C/C++ processes communicating over abstract channels.
  • Graphical mapping of processes to processors and channels to busses/routes.
  • Automatic generation of SystemC TLMs for functional validation.
  • Automatic generation of SystemC TLMs for fast, early and accurate timing estimation.

Front-End Flow Chart

Designer Advantages
  • Graphical application and platform input: Freedom from system level design languages
  • Automatic TLM generation for design decisions: Easier design space exploration
  • Functional TLM simulation: 1000x faster simulation than RTL/ISS
  • Timed TLM annotation: Early validation of design constraints

Management Benefits
  • Models are automatically generated: 1000x productivity gain, shorter time to market
  • Design decisions and models can be exchanged: Simplified globally-distributed collaboration
  • Designs can be easily modified and prototyped: Better market penetration through customization
  • Models and design decisions can be reused: Easier derivatives and version management
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