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RISC - Recoding Infrastructure for SystemC (Version 0.6.3)


The Recoding Infrastructure for SystemC (RISC) is an open-source library with Application Programming Interface (API) to analyze and recode SystemC design models. The RISC tool suite consists of a dedicated SystemC compiler and simulator which produce optimized source code for out-of-order parallel simulation on multi- and many-core host architectures. RISC also includes several tools for static and dynamic analysis and visualization of SystemC models.

Use this all at your own risk! (Yes, it's a running gag!)




To install the entire RISC system including its needed prerequisites Boost, ROSE, and SystemC, use the top-level Makefile from
and follow the instructions at:



Version 0.6.3, released August 2021.


This is an academic proof-of-concept prototype implementation, not commercial-quality software. Please refer to the file BUGS in the RISC software package for known limitations.


Farah Arabi (
Zhongqi Cheng (
Rainer Doemer (
Vivek Govindasamy (vbgov.nosp@m.ind@.nosp@m.uci.e.nosp@m.du)
Aditya Harit (
Spencer Kam (
Guantao Liu (
Daniel Mendoza (dmmen.nosp@m.do1@.nosp@m.uci.e.nosp@m.du)
Tim Schmidt (schmi.nosp@m.dtt@.nosp@m.uci.e.nosp@m.du)
Yutong Wang (yuton.nosp@m.gw5@.nosp@m.uci.e.nosp@m.du)