risc::sg Namespace Reference


class  CachedFunctionAstAttributes
 This class stores precached information of a analyzed function. Each function definition has an associated precached ast attribute. So, we store the beginning vertex and the leaving segments of a vertex. More...
class  CombinedDataConflictTable
class  ConflictTable
class  DataConflictAstAttributes
 This class should be used for the data conflict analysis. We can mark a SgVariableRef instance which has reading or writing access or is unused. More...
class  DataConflictTable
 This class represents the data conflict table among the individual segments. Two segments have a conflict if a least one variable is by the first segment and read by the second segment. A two dimensional array represents this array. More...
class  Edge
struct  EdgePropertyWriter
class  EventConflictTable
 The conflicts are stored in the base class variable conflict_table_. The columns represent wait statements of the segments. The rows are representing the notifications of events. So, a true in conflict_table_[i][j] means that the associated segment/instance i notifies the event for which the associated segment/instance j is waiting. More...
class  FunctionAnnotationAttributes
class  LeafNodeVisitor
class  BreakStmtVisitor
class  ContinueStmtVisitor
struct  GraphPropertyWriter
struct  MappedVariable
 This is a helper class to describe a variable in the design through the symbol and the instance id. More...
struct  Conflict
class  PortCallAttribute
 This class stores for function calls. More...
class  PredictionEventNotificationTable
class  PredictionTimeAdvanceTable
class  FunctionParameterReferenceAttribute
class  LocalReferenceAttribute
class  Segment
class  SegmentGraph
 This class represents a segment graph for a process. More...
class  Time
 This class represents timing in discrete event simulation. More...
class  TimeAdvanceTable
struct  VertexPropertyWriter


typedef std::list< MappedVariableMappedVariableList
typedef boost::adjacency_list
< boost::listS, boost::listS,
boost::bidirectionalS, Segment,
Edge, boost::property
< boost::vertex_index_t, int > > 
typedef boost::graph_traits
< Graph >::vertex_descriptor 
typedef boost::graph_traits
< Graph >::edge_descriptor 
typedef boost::graph_traits
< risc::sg::Graph >


std::list< int > get_all_reachable_segments (SegmentGraph &segment_graph, int starting_id)
std::vector< VertexDescriptorget_all_reachable_segments (SegmentGraph &segment_graph, VertexDescriptor start_vertex)
< risc::sg::VertexDescriptor,
clone_graph (risc::sg::VertexDescriptor start_vertex, risc::sg::SegmentGraph::SegmentSet leaving_vertices, risc::sg::SegmentGraph &sg, bool channel_segments)
const bool operator< (const MappedVariable &lhs, const MappedVariable &rhs)
void reset_inst_id_for_channels (MappedVariableList &mapped_variables)
const bool operator< (const Conflict &lhs, const Conflict &rhs)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const risc::sg::Time &time)

Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::graph_traits<Graph>::edge_descriptor risc::sg::EdgeDescriptor
typedef boost::adjacency_list<boost::listS, boost::listS, boost::bidirectionalS, Segment, Edge, boost::property<boost::vertex_index_t, int> > risc::sg::Graph
typedef boost::graph_traits<Graph>::vertex_descriptor risc::sg::VertexDescriptor
typedef boost::graph_traits<risc::sg::Graph>::vertex_iterator risc::sg::VertexIterator

Function Documentation

std::pair< risc::sg::VertexDescriptor, risc::sg::SegmentGraph::SegmentSet > risc::sg::clone_graph ( risc::sg::VertexDescriptor  start_vertex,
risc::sg::SegmentGraph::SegmentSet  leaving_vertices,
risc::sg::SegmentGraph sg,
bool  channel_segments 
std::vector< risc::sg::VertexDescriptor > risc::sg::get_all_reachable_segments ( SegmentGraph &  segment_graph,
VertexDescriptor  start_vertex 
std::list< int > risc::sg::get_all_reachable_segments ( SegmentGraph &  segment_graph,
int  starting_id 
const bool risc::sg::operator< ( const Conflict &  lhs,
const Conflict &  rhs 
const bool risc::sg::operator< ( const MappedVariable &  lhs,
const MappedVariable &  rhs 
std::ostream & risc::sg::operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const risc::sg::Time time 
void risc::sg::reset_inst_id_for_channels ( MappedVariableList &  mapped_variables  ) 
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