DynamicHierarchicalChannel Class Reference

#include <dynamic_internal_representation.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void class_name ()
void print_tree (unsigned int indent=0)

Public Attributes

std::list< DynamicModule * > sub_modules_
std::list< DynamicPort * > ports_
std::list< DynamicPointer * > pointers_
std::list< DynamicReference * > references_
std::list< DynamicVariable * > variables_
std::list< DynamicPrimChannel * > sub_channels_
< DynamicHierarchicalChannel * > 
std::list< DynamicEvent * > events_
std::list< DynamicEventAndList * > event_and_lists_
std::list< DynamicEventOrList * > event_or_lists_
std::string name_
int * address_

Member Function Documentation

void DynamicHierarchicalChannel::class_name (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from DynamicModule.

void DynamicHierarchicalChannel::print_tree ( unsigned int  indent = 0  ) 

Reimplemented from DynamicModule.

Member Data Documentation

int* DynamicObject::address_ [inherited]
std::list<DynamicEvent*> DynamicModule::events_ [inherited]
std::string DynamicObject::name_ [inherited]
std::list<DynamicPointer*> DynamicModule::pointers_ [inherited]
std::list<DynamicPort*> DynamicModule::ports_ [inherited]
std::list<DynamicModule*> DynamicModule::sub_modules_ [inherited]
std::list<DynamicVariable*> DynamicModule::variables_ [inherited]

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