sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos Class Reference

#include <sysc/kernel/sc_sensitive.h>

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Public Types

typedef sc_signal_in_if< bool > in_if_b_type
typedef sc_signal_in_if
< sc_dt::sc_logic
typedef sc_in< bool > in_port_b_type
typedef sc_in< sc_dt::sc_logicin_port_l_type
typedef sc_inout< bool > inout_port_b_type
typedef sc_inout< sc_dt::sc_logicinout_port_l_type

Public Member Functions

sc_sensitive_posoperator<< (sc_process_handle)
sc_sensitive_posoperator<< (sc_method_handle)
sc_sensitive_posoperator<< (sc_thread_handle)
sc_sensitive_posoperator() (const in_if_b_type &)
sc_sensitive_posoperator() (const in_if_l_type &)
sc_sensitive_posoperator() (const in_port_b_type &)
sc_sensitive_posoperator() (const in_port_l_type &)
sc_sensitive_posoperator() (const inout_port_b_type &)
sc_sensitive_posoperator() (const inout_port_l_type &)
sc_sensitive_posoperator<< (const in_if_b_type &)
sc_sensitive_posoperator<< (const in_if_l_type &)
sc_sensitive_posoperator<< (const in_port_b_type &)
sc_sensitive_posoperator<< (const in_port_l_type &)
sc_sensitive_posoperator<< (const inout_port_b_type &)
sc_sensitive_posoperator<< (const inout_port_l_type &)
void reset ()


class sc_module
class sc_channel

Detailed Description

Definition at line 140 of file sc_sensitive.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 150 of file sc_sensitive.h.

Definition at line 151 of file sc_sensitive.h.

Definition at line 152 of file sc_sensitive.h.

Definition at line 153 of file sc_sensitive.h.

Definition at line 154 of file sc_sensitive.h.

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Member Function Documentation

sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator() ( const inout_port_l_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator() ( const inout_port_b_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator() ( const in_port_l_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator() ( const in_port_b_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator() ( const in_if_l_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator() ( const in_if_b_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator<< ( const inout_port_l_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator<< ( const inout_port_b_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator<< ( const in_port_l_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator<< ( const in_port_b_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator<< ( const in_if_l_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator<< ( const in_if_b_type  ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator<< ( sc_thread_handle   ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator<< ( sc_method_handle   ) 
sc_sensitive_pos& sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::operator<< ( sc_process_handle   ) 
void sc_core::sc_sensitive_pos::reset (  ) 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class sc_channel [friend]

Definition at line 145 of file sc_sensitive.h.

friend class sc_module [friend]

Definition at line 142 of file sc_sensitive.h.

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