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#include <design.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Design (int argc, char *argv[])
 default constructor
 ~Design ()
void initialize_definitions ()
void initialize_top_modules ()
void initialize_global_functions ()
void initialize_global_variables ()
Variablefind_global_variable (SgVariableDefinition *var_def)
 Find a port by it's ast variable definition.
void initialize_sc_main_variables ()
void initialize_sc_main_channels ()
void print_all_class_definitions ()
void print_all_global_functions ()
void print_design ()
InstanceTree get_root ()
Modulefind_module_definition (SgClassDefinition *cd)
HierarchicalChannelfind_channel_definition (SgClassDefinition *cd)
void reset_instance_counter ()
 This function resets the instance counter of the module and hierarchical channel instances to zero.

Public Attributes

double duration
double duration1
ModuleVector module_definitions_
ModuleInstanceVector top_modules_
PrimitiveChannelVector primitive_channel_
HierarchicalChannelVector hierarchical_channel_
EventVector events_
VariableVector variables_
FunctionVector functions_
VariableVector global_variables_
FunctionVector global_functions_
SgProject * project_
SgFunctionDeclaration * main_
 Pointer to the sc_module definition in the rose ast tree.
SgFunctionDeclaration * sc_main_
 Pointer to the sc_main function declaration.
int old_argc_
char ** old_argv_
std::vector< std::string > input_files_
PathInstanceMapper path_instance_mapper_

Private Member Functions

 Design (const Design &d)
 Disabled copy constructor.

Detailed Description

This class represents the internal representation. The IR offers different interfaces to start search in IR.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

risc::Design::Design ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 
) [explicit]

default constructor

argc expects argc from main function
argv expects argv from main function
risc::Design::~Design (  ) 
risc::Design::Design ( const Design d  )  [private]

Disabled copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

risc::HierarchicalChannel * risc::Design::find_channel_definition ( SgClassDefinition *  cd  ) 
risc::Variable * risc::Design::find_global_variable ( SgVariableDefinition *  var_def  ) 

Find a port by it's ast variable definition.

risc::Module * risc::Design::find_module_definition ( SgClassDefinition *  cd  ) 
risc::InstanceTree risc::Design::get_root (  ) 
void risc::Design::initialize_definitions (  ) 
void risc::Design::initialize_global_functions (  ) 
void risc::Design::initialize_global_variables (  ) 
void risc::Design::initialize_sc_main_channels (  ) 
void risc::Design::initialize_sc_main_variables (  ) 
void risc::Design::initialize_top_modules (  ) 
void risc::Design::print_all_class_definitions (  ) 
void risc::Design::print_all_global_functions (  ) 
void risc::Design::print_design (  ) 
void risc::Design::reset_instance_counter (  ) 

This function resets the instance counter of the module and hierarchical channel instances to zero.


Member Data Documentation

std::vector<std::string> risc::Design::input_files_
SgFunctionDeclaration* risc::Design::main_
SgFunctionDeclaration* risc::Design::sc_main_

Pointer to the sc_main function declaration.

Pointer to the sc_module definition in the rose ast tree.

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