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System Level Approaches for Low Power Wireless Architectures

By Amr Hussien August 1, 2013read more »

Exploiting Master-Slave Bus Architecture and Storage Devices to Enable High-Performance, Low-Power Logging for Sensor Systems

By Eunbae Yoon
June 24, 2013

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Out-of-order Parallel Discrete Event Simulation for Electronic System-Level Design

By Weiwei Chen June 6, 2013read more »

Optimizing Program Performance via Similarity, Using Feature-aware and Feature-agnostic Characterization Approaches

By Rosario Cammarota
May 31, 2013

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Designer-in-the-Loop Recoding for Creating Safe and Parallel ESL Models

By Xu Han May 30, 2013read more »

Context-based Service Performance Profile Management System in SOA

By Jinhwan Lee May 24, 2013read more »

Embedded Computer Vision Systems for Image Based Motion and Speckle Image Analysis

By Hyeoungho Bae May 10, 2013read more »

Cooperative Communication for Wireless Physical Layer Security

By Jing Huang May 10, 2013read more »

Power-Saving Method for DRAM/eDRAM and 3D-DRAM expoliting the process variations, temperature changes, device degradation, and memory access workload variations and innovative heterogeneous memory management approach using 3D-DRAM with Quality of Service

by Le Nguyen Tran December 7, 2012read more »

Building Fake Body Parts: Real-Time Digital Mockups of Physiological Systems

by Prof. Frank Vahid October 26, 2012read more »

Silicon-Based Millimeter-Wave Circuits for W-band Applications

by Chun-Cheng Wang March 8, 2012read more »

Silicon-Based Integrated Circuits for W-Band Fully Integrated Passive Imaging

by Zhiming Chen March 8, 2012read more »

Enhancing Quality of Viewing Experience for Future Mobile Video Applications

by Kiarash Amiri
May 14, 2012
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Tree Search Based MIMO Detectors: Algorithms and VLSI Architectures

by Chung-An Shen February 23, 2012read more »

Energy Harvesting and Power Optimization for Remote Sensing Systems

by Sehwan Kim October 27, 2011read more »