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Daniel Gajski and Lukai Cai Win ESWEEK Test of Time Award

Daniel Gajski (Prof. Emeritus) and Lukai Cai (former PhD student, now at Qualcomm, San Diego) have been awarded the Embedded Systems Week (ESWEEK) Test of Time Award 2019 for their paper, “Transaction Level Modeling: An Overview”, which was originally published at the International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis (CODES+ISSS) in 2003.

With more than 40 years of intensive engagement in industry and academia and considered on of the founding fathers of new design methods with higher reach towards an upwards degree of abstraction, Daniel Gajski has been a leader in establishing the fields of silicon compilation, high-level synthesis and system-level design.

This award is in recognition of a paper which has defined a new era in embedded computer system design and is now, 16 years later, honored because it has passed the test of time. In the year 2000, Daniel Gajski’s research group created the concept of Transaction Level Modeling by applying the SpecC methodology used in their “Transaction Level Modeling: An Overview”. This paper marks the milestone of a novel taxonomy where communication and computation are separated in the modeling, validation, refinement, exploration and synthesis of embedded computer systems. Today, these principles in use throughout national and international academia and industry, proving the substantial impact their work has created.

Prof. Juergen Teich, who led the award ceremony together with Prof. Petru Eles (General Chair) in New York on October 16, emphasized, “For the first year, ESWEEK is honoring the authors of one paper with highest impact published at a previous CODES+ISSS, CASES and EMSOFT conference at ESWEEK with a Test-of-Time Award.”

We are proud to see Daniel Gajski and Lukai Cai’s paper receiving this exceptional award.

Daniel D. Gajski has been conferred with the EDA-Award 2017 by edacentrum


In recognition of his outstanding lifetime contributions and achievements in research, development, and application in the domain of Electronic Design Automation (EDA), edacentrum confers the first edacentrum EDA Contribution Award to Prof. Daniel D. Gajski on November 12th ,2017.

Daniel D. Gajski is one of the most influential scientists in EDA with more than 40 years of intensive engagement in industry and academia. He developed principles for structured design of electronic systems, implemented these principles by means of languages and tools, and proved their wide industrial applicability.

The “Y-Chart” is likely one of the most cited illustrations in electronic system design. It structures the design space and locates design states, processes, tasks and tools. Wolfgang Nebel, vice chairman of edacentrum handed out the award… more details

NSF Funds Expedition into Software for Efficient Computing in the Age of Nanoscale Devices

Adapted from NSF Press Release: UC Irvine, along with five other universities, has received a $10 million National Science Foundation (NSF) Expeditions in Computing grant to develop robust software for computing with unreliable, but energy-efficient nanoscale computer components. The Irvine team is led by Chancellor’s Professor Nikil Dutt and Professor Alex Nicolau, computer scientists in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. read more »

Microsoft Ranking places CECS 6th in the World

The recently published Academic Research Ranking by Microsoft Corp ( ranks 20 Computer Science topics from Algorithms and Theory to the World Wide Web including 2.4 million publications. In the specific topic titled Hardware and Architecture, which is particularly pertinent to the UCI Center for Embedded Computer Systems (CECS), it ranks over one-hundred thousand researchers world wide. CECS is very highly ranked by sharing 6th place with MIT, UCLA, Princeton and UIUC with 4 faculty in the top 100. First on the list is UCB with 10 in 100, followed by Stanford with 9, Michigan with 7 and UCSD and CMU with 5 faculty members in the top more »

EDAA Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 goes to Daniel D. Gajski

From EDAA Press Release: The EDAA Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 goes to Daniel D. Gajski. The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to individuals who made outstanding contributions to the state of the art in electronic design, automation and testing of electronic systems in their life. In order to be eligible, candidates must have made innovative contributions which had an impact on the way electronic systems are being designed. Past recipients have been Kurt Antreich (2003), Hugo De Man (2004), Jochen Jess (2005), Robert Brayton (2006), Tom W. Williams (2007), Ernest S. Kuh (2008) and Jan M. Rabaey (2009). The Award will be presented at the plenary session of the 2010 DATE Conference, to be held 8-12 March in Dresden, Germany. read more »

The Nicholas Endowment Presents CECS a $100,000 Gift

The Center for Embedded Computer Systems at the University of California, Irvine recently received a $100,000 gift from The Nicholas Endowment. Craig S. Gunther, Chairmen of Board of Trustees, The Nicholas Foundation, presented the gift to Daniel D. Gajski, The Henry Samueli “Turing” Endowed Chair and Director, Center for Embedded Computer more »