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PhD Defense: Runtime Memory Management in Many-core Systems

Name: Hossein Tajik

Date: November 15, 2016

Time: 3:00PM – 4:00PM

Location: DBH 3011 Conference Room

Committee: Nikil Dutt (Chair), Tony Givargis, Alex Nicolau


With the increasing number of cores on a chip, we are moving towards an era where many-core platforms will soon be ubiquitous. Efficient use of tens to hundreds of cores on a chip and their memory resources comes with unique challenges.

In this dissertation, we propose SPMPool: a scalable platform for sharing Software Programmable Memories (SPMs). The SPMPool approach exploits underutilized memory resources by dynamically sharing SPM resources between applications running on different cores and adapts to the overall memory requirements of multiple applications that are concurrently executing on the many-core platform. We propose both central and distributed management schemes for SPMPool and study the efficiency of auction-based mechanisms in solving the memory mapping problem. We also propose offline and online memory phase detection methods in order to increase the adaptivity of memory management to temporal changes in memory requirements of a single application. The runtime memory management schemes proposed in this dissertation enable better performance and power for many-core systems.