Al Faruque – Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award 2016

al-faruqueCECS member and EECS Professor Mohammad Al Faruque received the Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award 2016 in the energy area  for one of his earlier patents during an award ceremony in New  Jersey.

He received this prestigious award for the following patent: “Network as automation platform for collaborative E-car charging at the residential premises“, US8957634 B2, Regular, United States.(Approve: February 17, 2015).

This patent has provided a novel solution to solve this challenge through a  collaborative energy management strategy for the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations located in a  residential neighborhood. Technically, the amount of energy that can be provided to the EVs connected to a single  neighboring step down transformer is limited by the connected circuit breaker at a certain point of time. Faruque’s energy management strategy will collaborate among all the EVs, maximize the number of charged EVs and preferably reduce the local energy peaks  to the medium and low voltage electric infrastructure.