INSTALL: some notes about the source installation of the SCRC


- a Unix-like operating system (Linux distributions Fedora4,
  Fedora12, RedHatEL3, RedHatEL4, RedHatEL5, RedHatEL6, and
  Ubuntu8 have been confirmed to work)
- the GNU C++ compiler g++ (version 3.2.2 or newer)
- the scanner generator flex (version 2.5.2 or newer)
- the parser generator bison (version 1.24 or newer)
- a gmake compatible make (BSD style make is fine)


- unpack the distribution archive
  => gtar xvzf scrc-2.2.tar.gz
  => cd scrc-2.2
  (for systems without symbolic links, e.g. GNUWIN32, please use the
  archive scrc-2.2-3.tar.gz which contains copies of files
  instead of symbolic links and other Windows-specific modifications)
- modify the file Makefile.macros to reflect your local compiler
  environment (adjust the SPECC path and the platform and architecture
  macros; several architectures are already prepared, so you probably just
  need to activate the right one)
  => vi Makefile.macros
- check further requirements of external packages (please see the
  README in directory pkg)

- one step compilation and installation:
  => make ALL
  if anything goes wrong, then follow the step by step procedure listed
  below; if everything goes fine then congratulations, your SCRC
  is now installed and ready to run; please jump to the last bullet
  in this section

- detailed compilation and installation steps:
- compile the SpecC base package
  => make all
  if anything goes wrong, correct your settings in Makefile.macros
  and try again; in order to recompile everything, use
  => make clean all
- install the base package
  => make install
  or, if you also want to create an archive of the binary distribution,
  do this instead
  => make bindist
- test the package
  => make test
  this should result in a (quite long) test session with the following
  message at the end: "All tests successfully completed.";
  if the tests do not run successfully, go back to your settings
  in Makefile.macros;
  if you have it, you might also want to use purify for the test
  => make puretest
- Congratulations, your SCRC is now installed and ready to run!
  You might want to copy the examples to your work directory
  and try them, e.g.:
  => mkdir work
  => cd work
  => cp $SPECC/examples/simple/* .
  => source $SPECC/bin/setup.csh
  => make
  => ...

Bug reports:

- the SpecC reference compiler currently consists of
  more than 120k lines of code
- the SpecC compiler contains bugs (see BUGS for known bugs)
- if you encounter a problem which you think is a bug, don't hesitate
  to contact us; you can find contact information in the COPYRIGHT file;
  however, please be aware that we cannot fix everything at once, but
  we will try to fix as much as possible as soon as possible


Rainer Doemer, December 15, 2014.

Last modification date: Monday, 15-Dec-2014 15:19:41 PST