Service & Mentoring

Faculty Advising/Mentoring

  • Orangineers
    The main philanthropy work the Orangineers hold are long-term (running from January-May/June) after school workshops to educate underprivileged students at local high schools about engineering, writing their own code, and building autonomous vehicles.
    Orangineers is an interest group for engineering majors and those interested in engineering. We create personal and academic projects aimed toward members’ interests with community service in mind.
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  • FSAE Electric Racecar – Electric Sub-Team
    Anteater Racing is a student-led engineering senior design project at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). The program welcomes students of all majors and experience levels, and has a strong core of mechanical, aerospace, and electrical engineers. We build, design, and test cars for the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) collegiate design competition series on an annual basis.

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  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) at UCI
    IEEE at UCI is one of UCI’s premiere Electrical Engineering clubs. We strive to support the hard working engineering community by providing students the many ways to network, gain insight on the industry, receive guidance on schoolwork, and enjoy student life as an engineer. The opportunities through IEEE are endless and in order to take full advantage of one of the largest professional organizations in the world, please join us at our meetings and events!
    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) is a professional student organization aiming to promote the advancement of technology. Our goal is to provide the students at UCI the resources to become successful in the technology industry as well as provide a means of networking inside and outside of the university.
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  • Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP)
    The VIP Program was founded on the idea that Greeks can come together in their community to educate themselves on these topics and provide support to their chapter members. Representatives from each fraternity and sorority (VIP Chairs) facilitate various awareness programs for their chapter’s members and for the UCI Greek Community as a whole.

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  • Zotbotics
    We come from many backgrounds, from engineering to business, Asia to the US. But each and every team member shares one thing: passion. All of us at Zotbotics love what we do, which is why we set out to create a competetive robotics organization at UCI.
    We love having fun, but as a college organization, we also believe in developing top-tier products with industry-level tools and procedures. From projects to organization structure, we strive to emulate industry practices.

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Senior Design Project Advisor

  • 2018-2019 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Project (final title TBD)
  • 2018-2019 Autonomous Ground Vehicle Project (final title TBD)
  • FSAE Electric Racecar – Electric Sub-Team
    2017-2018 Team: Joule
  • 2016-2017 Automated Tea Brewing Project


  • Online Course Development for EECS 31/31L under UCOP Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) RFP 6 (2018-2019)
  • Texas Instruments Gift/Award for development of RSLK Kit for EECS Curriculum (2018)
  • Integrating VR in EECS 31 under UCI eTech Mini Grant (2018)
  • Online Course Development for EECS 22/22L under UCOP Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) RFP 6 (2017-2018)

Independent Research Projects

Below are some current/previous projects students have been working on under my supervision. If you are interested in working with me on autonomous driving related projects, I have a simple prerequisite/starting point for you to complete. Please review these tutorials:
How to build a self-driving car in 1 month
Python plays GTA V (tutorial on OpenCV and autonomous driving)

  • Texas Instruments RSLK Kit Integration with EECS Curriculum
    Spring 2018 w/ Arineh Matosian and Patrick Elhaddad
  • Autonomous Driving Exploration & Simulation w/ OpenCV
    Spring 2018 w/ Jason Duong
  • FPGA Crytocurrency Mining Application
    Spring 2018 w/ Justin Dong-Il Lee
  • Adaptive/Automated Watering System Prototyping
    2017-2018 w/ Omkar Pathak
  • Automated Drone Curriculum Development Support with Office of Access and Inclusion
    2017-2018 w/ Stephen Han and Linh Do

Other Service

  • Member of Ad Hoc Advising Committee @ UCI 2018
  • Hosted Spring 2018 Engineering Alumni Panel w/ 3 alumni and over 60 undergraduates
  • Co-hosted 2017-2018 EECS Freshmen, Junior, and Senior Advising Sessions
  • Science Olympiad
    Event Supervisor for Battery Buggy @ 2018 Regional Science Olympiad @ UC Irvine
  • Engineering high school outreach coordinating with Orangineers 2017-2018