medical imaging system (laser speckle imaging)

objective: measure relative blood perfusion near skin

mLSI (mobile LSI)

concept: a portable LSI system for more convenient use in emergency (e.g. battle field, emergency vehicle)

overview image for mLSI system

Hyeoungho Bae, Yu-Chih Huang, Owen Yang, Pai H. Chou, and Bernard Choi, Automated Power Control for Mobile Laser Speckle Imaging System, IEEE Embedded Systm Letters, June 2009.

mcLSI (multi-camera LSI)

objective: increase the field of view of LSI system


(a) mcLSI prototype configuration


(b) Merged raw speckle image


(c) Final SFI image from our prototype (higher value indicates faster blood flow)

mcLSI prototype configuration: mcLSI is composed of two sets of LSI imaging system (one USB camera, one laser source (ir laser) with diffuser, and one shutter to prevent interference to other system). The control board is used to synchronize the image acquisition and the shutter operation.