/local/lecs/lecs/risc_v0.3.0/sources/build/risc_v0.3.0/src/static_analysis/read_write_analysis.h File Reference

#include "rose.h"
#include <vector>
#include <cassert>
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namespace  risc
namespace  risc::sa


void risc::sa::collect_write_variables (SgExpression *expr, std::vector< SgNode * > &write_var)
void risc::sa::collect_read_variables (SgExpression *expr, std::vector< SgNode * > &read_var)
void risc::sa::read_write_analysis (std::vector< SgExpression * > expressions, std::set< SgVariableSymbol * > &read_only_var, std::set< SgVariableSymbol * > &write_only_var, std::vector< SgNode * > &read_write)
bool risc::sa::is_member_variable_symbol (SgNode *given_variable, risc::VariableVector &member_variables)
std::vector< SgNode * >::iterator risc::sa::delete_if_is_not_member_variable (std::vector< SgNode * > &given_variables, VariableVector &member_variables)
std::set< SgVariableSymbol * >
risc::sa::delete_if_is_not_member_symbol (std::set< SgVariableSymbol * > &given_variables, VariableVector &member_variables)
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