/local/lecs/lecs/risc_v0.3.0/sources/build/risc_v0.3.0/src/tools/misc.h File Reference

#include "rose.h"
#include <string>
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namespace  risc
namespace  risc::tools


bool risc::tools::is_data_structure (SgType *type)
 This function checks if the passed type represents a data structure.
bool risc::tools::is_builtin_type (SgType *type)
 This function checks if the passed type represents a C++ builtin type.
bool risc::tools::class_types_are_identical (SgClassDefinition *cd1, SgClassDefinition *cd2)
 Compares two classes.
bool risc::tools::is_func_name (const SgFunctionDeclaration *function, const std::string &name)
 Compares the function name with the given string.
void risc::tools::print_indented (std::string s, unsigned indent)
 Prints a string with indention.
SgClassDefinition * risc::tools::class_definition_of_variable (SgVariableDeclaration *var_decl)
 Determines the class defintion of varialbe It is expected that the type is SgClassType.
bool risc::tools::is_builtin_function (SgFunctionDeclaration *func_decl)
 Checks if a given function is a C++ builtin function This function is taken/inspired from the Rose builtinFilter structure.
bool risc::tools::all_cfg_branches_end_in_break (SgNode *node, int &break_counter)
bool risc::tools::all_cfg_branches_end_in_continue (SgNode *node, int &continue_counter)
SgStatement * risc::tools::get_previous_stmt_in_basic_block (SgNode *node)
bool risc::tools::is_conditional_break (SgScopeStatement const *const loop_stmt, SgBreakStmt const *const break_stmt)
SgScopeStatement * risc::tools::find_break_surrounding_scope (SgBreakStmt *break_stmt)
bool risc::tools::break_belongs_to_loop (SgScopeStatement *loop_stmt, SgBreakStmt const *const break_stmt)
bool risc::tools::is_located_in_rose_header (SgNode *node)
SgMemberFunctionDeclaration * risc::tools::get_constructor (SgClassDefinition *class_def)
void risc::tools::find_and_replace_all (std::string &input, const std::string &from, const std::string &to)
std::string risc::tools::get_mangled_name (SgClassDefinition *class_def)
SgVariableSymbol * risc::tools::find_global_variable (std::string name, SgProject *project)
bool risc::tools::is_in_std_namespace (SgDeclarationStatement *statement)
bool risc::tools::is_in_systemc_namespace (SgDeclarationStatement *statement)
bool risc::tools::is_in_gnu_cxx_namespace (SgDeclarationStatement *statement)
SgVariableSymbol * risc::tools::get_most_outer_var (SgExpression *expr)
bool risc::tools::has_no_variable_expressions (SgExpression *expr)
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