/local/lecs/lecs/risc_v0.2.1/sources/build/risc_v0.2.1/src/internal_representation/port_mapping.h File Reference

#include <list>
#include "rose.h"
#include "design.h"
#include "instance.h"
#include "module.h"
#include "channel.h"
#include "port.h"
#include "instance_tree.h"
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namespace  risc


std::list< InstanceTree > risc::get_mapped_channel_instances (Port *port)
 This function determines to which channels this port can be bound. An instance of the given port can occur multiple times.
InstanceTree risc::get_mapped_channel_instance (InstanceTree port)
 This function determines to which channel this port is bound.
SgVariableSymbol * risc::get_mapped_symbol (SgVariableSymbol *port, Module *parent_module, SgVariableDefinition *parent_variable)
 This function is only for internal use Here we determinte to which object (port or channel) the given port is mappedn in the parent module.
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