sysc/kernel/sc_spawn.h File Reference

#include "sysc/kernel/sc_process_handle.h"
#include "sysc/kernel/sc_spawn_options.h"
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class  sc_core::sc_spawn_object< T >
class  sc_core::sc_spawn_object_v< T >
 Semantic object with return value. More...


namespace  sc_core


#define sc_spawn_h_INCLUDED


template<typename T >
sc_process_handle sc_core::sc_spawn (T object, const char *name_p=0, const sc_spawn_options *opt_p=0)
 Semantic object with no return value.
template<typename T >
sc_process_handle sc_core::sc_spawn (typename T::result_type *r_p, T object, const char *name_p=0, const sc_spawn_options *opt_p=0)
 This function is not supported by the out-of-order simulation in the current release.

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#define sc_spawn_h_INCLUDED

Definition at line 32 of file sc_spawn.h.

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