Technical Reports

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Tony Mathew and Rainer Doemer, "A Custom Thread Library Built on Native Linux Threads for Faster Embedded System Simulation," TR 11-10. December 14, 2011. Posted December 20, 2011. download pdf


Luis Angel D. Bathen, Puneet Gupta, Alex Nicolau, and Nikil D. Dutt, "A Case for an Adaptive and Opportunistic Variability-Aware Memory Virtualization Layer," TR 11-09. November 15, 2011. Posted December 22, 2011. download pdf


Luis Angel D. Bathen, Dongyoun Shin, Sung-Soo Lim, Nikil D. Dutt, "Towards Distributed On-Chip Memory Virtualization," TR 11-08. August 2011. Posted December 20, 2011. download pdf


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Kazuyuki Tanimura and Nikil Dutt, "Low Overhead DPA Countermeasure using ExCCel (Exploration of Complementary Cells)," TR 10-04, March 19, 2010. Posted May 25, 2010. download pdf


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Rosario Cammarota and Alexander Veidenbaum, "Metrology applied to performance analysis using hardware counters," TR 10-01, May 7, 2010. Posted May 7, 2010. download pdf