Technical Reports

Guantao Liu and Rainer Doemer, “Performance Evaluation and Optimization of A Custom Native Linux Threads Library,” TR 12-11. October 3, 2012. Posted October 5, 2012. download pdf



Gu-Min Jeong, DOng-Byeong Kang, Sung-Soo Lim and Nikil D. Dutt, “Mobile Embedded Software with Android: Course Design and Experience,” TR 12-10. October 1, 2012. Posted October 2, 2012. pdf download



Samy Zoynoun, “Development of a Fast Error Aware Model for Arithmetic and Logic Circuits,” TR 12-08. August 3, 2012. Posted August August 6, 2012. download pdf



Pyung Soo Kim, “An Architecture for Home-oriented IPTV Service Platform on Residential Gateway,” TR 12-07. Augst 1, 2012. Posted August 10, 2012. download pdf



Luis Angel D. Bathen and Nikil Dutt, “An Embedded Hybrid-Memory-Aware Virtualization Layer for Chip-Multiprocessor,”  TR 12-03. March 27, 2012. Posted August 10, 2012. download pdf



Davit Hovhannisyan, Arno Abramyan, Derek Nham and Barry Tach, “Iris – A Home Control System with an Implemented Home Improvement Application,” TR 12-06. July 27, 2012. Posted July 31, 2012. download



Apik Zorian, “Study of Android-Based Multi-Projector Mobile System,” TR 12-05.  July 17, 2012. Posted July 30, 2012. download pdf



Vahid Salmani and Pai Chou, “Bin-MAC: A Hybrid MAC for Ultra-Compact Wireless Sensor Nodes,” TR 12-04. Posted July 16, 2012. download pdf




Kyoungwon Kim, “TLM Generation in ESE,”  TR 12-02. February 20, 2012.  Posted February 27, 2012.  download pdf





Kazuyuki Tanimura and Nikil Dutt, “A Standard Cell-Based DPA Attack Countermeasure using Homogeneous Dual-Rail Logic (HDRL),”  TR 12-01.  January 25, 2012.  Posted January 27, 2012.  download pdf


Tony Mathew and Rainer Doemer, "A Custom Thread Library Built on Native Linux Threads for Faster Embedded System Simulation," TR 11-10. December 14, 2011. Posted December 20, 2011. download pdf


Luis Angel D. Bathen, Puneet Gupta, Alex Nicolau, and Nikil D. Dutt, "A Case for an Adaptive and Opportunistic Variability-Aware Memory Virtualization Layer," TR 11-09. November 15, 2011. Posted December 22, 2011. download pdf


Luis Angel D. Bathen, Dongyoun Shin, Sung-Soo Lim, Nikil D. Dutt, "Towards Distributed On-Chip Memory Virtualization," TR 11-08. August 2011. Posted December 20, 2011. download pdf


Abbas BanaiyanMofrad, Houman Homayoun, and Nikil Dutt, "Using a Flexible Fault-Tolerant Cache (FFT-Cache) to Improve Reliability in Ultra Low Voltage Operation," TR 11-07. March 31, 2011. Posted September 6, 2011. download pdf


Amir Hossein Gholamipour, Fadi Kurdahi, Ahmed Eltawil and Mazen A.R. Saghir, "Reducing Reconfiguration Overhead for Reconfigurable Multi-Mode Filters Through Polynomial-Time Optimization and Joint Filter Design," TR 11-06. August 2, 2011. Posted December 13, 2011. download pdf