eNews: Volume 17, Issue 1 –Winter Issue


Kurdahi named Dean
Awards and Honors
Visitor Profile
ASP-DAC Conference
Seminar Series
PhD Defense

eNews Winter 2017


eNews: Volume 16, Issue 3 –SummerFall Issue


IWCR 2017
Awards and Honors
Student Profile
Student Presentations
Seminar Series

eNews SummerFall 2016


eNews: Volume 16, Issue 2 –Spring Issue


53rd Annual DAC
6th International BAC
UCI Research Seed Funding
Student Profile – Sujit Rokka Chhetri
Distinguished Lecture – Massimo Poncino
Seminar – Mingoo Seok

eNews Spring 2016



eNews: Volume 16, Issue 1 –Winter Issue


Kurdahi and Nassar Receive ASP-DAC Best Paper Award
Al Faruque and Vatapavar Receive DATE Best Paper Award
CECS Seminar Series Highlights
Visitor Profile: Yi Li

eNews Winter 2016


eNews: Volume 15, Issue 3 – Summer/Fall Issue


Chou and Luan Win ISLPED Design Award
Al Faruque Named Hellman Fellow
Hovercraft Camp – High School Outreach
Student Profile – Ramhadi Trimananda

eNews Summer_Fall 2015


eNews: Volume 15, Issue 2 – Spring Issue


Al Faruque Best Paper at DAC and Chancellor’s Award
Dutt Named ACM Fellow
Heydari Receives Rockwell Grant
CECS Visitors

eNews Spring 2015


eNews: Volume 15, Issue 1 – Winter Issue


ISQED 2015
ASP-DAC 2015
Invited Lectures
Visitor Profile: Gil Won Yoon
Student Profile: Ahmed Ibrahim

eNews Winter 2015


eNews: Volume 14, Issue 3 – Fall Issue


Heydari/NSF Award and IEEE Distinguished Lectures
Dutt Keynote
Mendelson Lecture
Saudi Summer Program
Visitor Profile: Seong Yong Oum
Student Profile: Maral Amir

eNews Fall 2014


eNews: Volume 14, Issue 2 – Spring Issue


CECS Name Change
WorldComp 2014
Postdoc Profile: Alireza Bebahani
Visitor Profile: Ihsen Alouani

eNews Spring 2014


eNews: Volume 14, Issue 1 – Winter Issue


DATE 2014
Heydari Awards
UROP Awards
Winter Design Review
Visitor Profile: Jana Krimmling

eNews Winter 2014



eNews: Volume 13, Issue 3 – Fall Issue


NSF Variability-Expeditions Meeting
ICESS & CIT 2013
Visitor Profile: Haitham M. DawoodElghannam
Student Profile: Peizhao Ou

eNews Fall 2013



eNews: Volume 13, Issue 2 – Spring/Summer ‘Issue


WorldComp 2013
NSF Variability-Expeditions Meeting
Book Release: 
Automotive Radar Sensors in Silicon Technologies
Student Profile: Wael ElSharkasy
Project Profile: Efficient Error-Aware Power Management for Memory Dominated OFDM Systems

eNews Spring_Summer 2013


eNews: Volumne 13, Issue 1 – Winter ’13 Issue


  • DATE 2013
  • Postdoc Profile:
    Steffen Peter
  • Award: Rainer Doemer receives Faculty of the Year award
  • Project Profile: Design Science for CPS
  • ASP-DAC 2013
  • Henkel Lecture
  • European Colleagues Visit

    eNews Winter 2013


eNews: Volumne 12, Issue 3 – Fall ’12 Issue


  • New CECS Director
  • Grad Student Profile:
    Jurn Gyu Park
  • Award: Brian Demsky receives  NSF award
  • Project Profile: Patch Mosaic for Fast Motion Deblurring


eNews: Volumne 12, Issue 2 – Spring ’12 Issue


  • DAC 2012
  • Heydari Paper Top 3
  • Visitor Profiel: Ahmed Awadalla
  • Project Profile: Interactive Host-Assisted Execution Framework for Wireless Sensor Nodes
  • Rettberg Visits CECS

eNews Spring 2012